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MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing Management

  • MBA in Marketing & MBA in Marketing from India, Australia, Dubai, UAE, Singapore

    MBA in Marketing is one of the most common areas when it comes to following a course in business. As in the name, it's all about marketing and it's about promoting products that a company produces and developing a concept about consumer behavior and their respective requirements. It is also one of the most challenging fields, as it is never easy to understand human nature. MBA in Marketing is almost always the first preference of candidates, as the job opportunities are much along with the advantage of researching the various sectors it offers. The real skills revolve around the candidates' ability to play well with words so that they can convince people about them

    MBA in Marketing is the best option for those who are extroverts, easily make friends, talk and have the power to enchant others by their words. As this field is the heart of any organization, you do not matter what your basic interest is, you can get an opportunity to explore different opportunities across a wide range of areas, including entertainment, media, promotions, ads, sales, or other Applied Management Fields. Everything only has a value when it can be sold out and it is the responsibility of a marketing manager to promote the products in a way that is attractive enough for customers to increase demand. The course helps the candidates develop their skills in terms of strategic planning, market research, marketing campaigns and consumer behavior, cost volume and profit and analysis of demand. There is also a strict requirement for good communication and presentation skills. For example, MBA can be considered as an all-round development course that helps candidates to build their personality and, in real terms, meet the business world.

    MBA in Marketing, as suggested, meets almost all fields and all companies search for professionals from this background. This refers to the fact that the chances for candidates who have marketing as the specialization in their MBA degree are many and they have a number of options to choose from. It can be direct marketing or digital marketing, but what's good with a heavy package. There are some specific skills needed and if most of them or all of them have been dropped off, a thick package is a guarantee. Some skills such as a good command of language, both written and spoken, along with excellent presentation skills are a must. In addition, good analytical skills, logical reasoning, the ability to listen to others and the most important to convince and / or influence others can provide you with good employment. Some of the available options as the career progresses from marketing executive include marketing manager for a region, than a territory or an area and can reach as high as director. The other options include marketing and business development manager, sales representatives and / or a brand manager. You can also play an important role by being the asset manager, media planner, product manager or head of digital marketing.

    MBA in Marketing

    MBA in Marketing has variable payment packages, depending on the designation and skills an individual has. Various students from different countries such as (India, Australia, Dubai, UAE, Singapore) have been completed their MBA in Marketing from DEIEDU. If you are looking for Fast Track MBA in Marketing, MBA in Marketing from India, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, UAE Then you can contact to us.
  • B.Tech (Normal Entry): 4 Years(8 Semester)

    B.Tech (Lateral Entry): 3 Years (6 Semester)

  • Diploma Courses

    Earn an internationally recognized Bachelors degree, recognised by AICTE approved University Join an internationally placed alumni:Placed in top international corporates such as IBM, HCL, Infosys, CISCO, Microsoft and many more

  • For B.Tech (Normal Entry) : 10+2 With PCM

    For B.Tech (Lateral Entry) : 10+ 3 Year Diploma Or B.Sc With PCM

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  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Marketing